Plane crashes by airline

Plane crashes with passenger deaths for selected airlines since 1970, along with an estimate of the fatal crash rate per million flights.

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Plane crashes by world region

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Crashes for selected US and Canadian airlines

Airline Rate Flights+ FLE* Events Last
Air Canada 0.33 4.75M 1.58 3 1983
AirTran (ValuJet) ** 0.94 1.06M 1.00 1 1996
Alaska Airlines 0.33 6.13M 2.02 3 2000
American Airlines** 0.40 25.08M 10.08 13 2004
Delta Air Lines** 0.17 24.8M 4.24 7 2006
Hawaiian Airlines 0.00 0.66M 0.00 0 -
JetBlue Airlines 0.00 0.35M 0.00 0 -
Southwest Airlines 0.00 15.26M 0.00 0 -
United Airlines** 0.31 21.9M 6.69 11 2001(2)
US Airways** 0.28 17.63M 4.97 9 2003

* Fatal event rate is given by a value called Full Loss Equivalent (FLE) for each listed airline.
** Airline has either a subsidiary or a parent
*** Airline merged with another or no longer in operation airline that was responsible for at least one fatal event since 1970.
+ Number of flights is for the period 1970-2005, except Air Canada which is for 1970-1999.

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