Signficiant Safety Events
Since 1992for Allegro Air

Allegro is an airline based in Mexico and has been in operation since 1992. It has a variety of routes, usually charter, between the U.S. and Mexico. Although Allegro Airlines has had no fatal events involving passengers, it has experienced one significant safety event that led to serious damage to the aircraft and some injuries to the occupants. The details of the event are provided below.

14 May 1996;Allegro Air DC9-14; near Tampico, Mexico: The airline was inbound to Cancun, Mexico on a charter flight that originated in Orlando, Florida when the aircraft ran out of fuel about 23 nautical miles (42 km) out over the Gulf of Mexico. The pilot elected to continue the approach and attempt to land at the Tampico Airport. The airplane was reported to have landed on a road near the airport. During the landing roll, the nose landing gear collapsed resulting in structural damage to the airframe. Four passengers sustained minor injuries during the emergency evacuation, while the crew of four and the remainder 36 passengers were not injured.

The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of the Mexico.
Information on the event may be obtained by contacting the government of Mexico at the following address:

Subsecretaria de Transportes Direccion General de Aviacion Civil (DGAC)
Providencia 807
Cuarto Piso Colonia del Valle 03100 Mexico, D.F.
tel: 525-571-2600

Significant safety events for Allegro Air -- Revised: 22 May 2015