Plane crashes since 1970 for VASP

The following events are those involving at least one passenger death where the aircraft flight had a direct or indirect role. Excluded would be events where the only passengers killed were stowaways, hijackers, or saboteurs.

  1. 13 April 1972; VASP YS11; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The aircraft had a controlled flight into high ground during an approach at night in clear weather. All four crew members and 21 passengers were killed.

  2. 23 October 1973; VASP YS11; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The aircraft had a rejected takeoff and overran the runway, settling in the waters of an adjacent bay. Eight of the 52 passengers were killed.

  3. 27 February 1975; VASP Embraer Bandeirante; São Paulo, Brazil: This aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff. Both crew members and all 13 passengers were killed.

  4. 25 May 1982; VASP 737-200; Brasilia, Brazil: The aircraft had a hard landing in a rainstorm and broke in two. The crash killed two of the 112 passengers.

  5. 8 June 1982; VASP 727-200; Near Fortaleza, Brazil : The aircraft crashed into a 2500 foot (760 meter) hill during approach. There were also technical problems reported before starting the approach. All nine crew members and 126 passengers were killed.

  6. 28 January 1986; VASP 737-200; São Paulo, Brazil: The crew attempted to fly in bad weather and rejected the takeoff . One of the 60 passengers and none of the four crew members were killed.

Plane crashes since 1970 for VASP -- Revised: 4 February 2015